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Use It Or Lose It!

It is hard to believe that the end of the year is rapidly approaching. With all of the holiday shopping and family dinners, it is easy to lose sight (get it?) of the importance of using your vision insurance benefits before year’s end. Fear not , Mayer Eye Care is here to remind you - our valued patients - of your insurance benefits and provide you with helpful tips on utilizing them to best suit your needs.

Many of the major providers like VSP, EyeMed, and Davis Vision do not allow unused benefits to carry over into the following year, which makes it all the more crucial that you use them up. Most plans grant patients a yearly comprehensive eye exam, and an allowance toward eyewear or contact lenses. Imagine all the money that would be thrown out the window if you forget to book that appointment in time? Those are your hard earned dollars going to waste!

Some insurance plans offer a second pair discount, or even a discount on non-prescription sunglasses, which is especially nice if you are a contact lens wearer. We all know how important sun protection is for our eyes, especially here in Las Vegas. Don’t forget that you can use your flexible spending account to pay for any overage you may have after applying your insurance. If you aren’t sure on what extra discounts your insurance provides, give our office a call at (702) 818-3100. Our knowledgeable staff is always willing to decode the strange language used by your insurance providers.

Take the guess work out of your benefits today! Give us a call or schedule your eye exam now before the end of the year. Let us help make this holiday season a more joyful one for you and your loved ones.

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